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CHICAGO—A top Chicago Park District supervisor has resigned after being questioned about a contract awarded to a woman he is apparently living with.

Dan Hibbler was earning $149,000 a year as the park district’s chief of programs and recreation.

A FOX Chicago News/Better Government Association investigation has raised serious questions about how the $30,000 contract for a stroller fitness program was awarded.

The program, One Fit Momma, began in Philadelphia by Patricia Streit Perez, a trainer and fitness instructor. At Hibbler’s request, Perez moved to Chicago this past summer to begin training park district employees on how to teach the program.

A park district spokeswoman said Hibbler never informed his bosses that he had a relationship with Perez.

The exact nature of their relationship is unclear, but a FOX Chicago News reporter found both their names on the mailbox of a townhome in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Computer searches also show Hibbler and Perez moving into that townhome in August, the same month she moved her business from Philadelphia. Neither Hibbler nor Perez have returned multiple phone calls to ask about this story.

The One Fit Momma contract also lists the Wicker Park address, and several checks from the park district were sent to the address. It appears Hibbler was living in the home when those park district checks were delivered.

Hibbler abruptly resigned his position on Dec. 7, days after receiving a call from a BGA investigator. He began working at the park district in early 2009 and also teaches at DePaul University.

The park district said its legal department has launched an investigation into whether any rules or laws were broken.

One Fit Momma will continue to be taught as part of the Park District curriculum in 2011, but the spokeswoman said the contract with Perez was not renewed.