Mike Delarosa, Andy Shaw, and Cathy Walesa

Mike Delarosa, Andy Shaw, and Cathy Walesa / Photo by Jack Brey

BGA president & CEO Andy Shaw took our watchdog message to Oak Brook on May 8, telling 200 International Harvester and Navistar retirees the fight for better government requires all of us to get involved so it’s not one reformer “tilting at windmills,” like Cervantes’ famous character Don Quixote, but an army of concerned citizens, like Patton’s army.

Andy told the group about the BGA mission–“shining a light on government and holding public officials accountable”–and our program of investigating, litigating, educating and advocating for the better government we deserve.

He encouraged the retirees to become BGA members or supporters, and their response suggested that many of them would be joining our reform fight in the days and weeks ahead.

Photos courtesy of Jack Brey