Anyone who’s followed the BGA over the past couple years probably knows we’ve taken a bite out of Chicago’s Animal Care and Control – the city government agency that has long operated with a profound dysfunction, sometimes leading to needless suffering of animals and a waste of tax dollars.

For a refresher, this link and this link should provide some context.

The Chicago Reader just published an interesting piece about Cook County’s animal care agency and some of the problems there.

Here’s the link to the Reader piece.

There’s some talk of reforms with the county agency – which has a lackluster reputation – because Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey is taking an interest.

“Fritchey thinks that, in addition to improving animal-control services, Cook County should operate its own shelter or shelters, centralizing the animals currently impounded by CCARC [aka, the county] and municipal authorities,” according to the Reader piece.

Our experience has been that Cook County’s animal agency doesn’t have the most enlightened or aggressive leadership, so there’s room for change, though, as always, the devil is in the details.

Here’s a link to a story we did in 2011 about the management team.

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