Pictured: Madeleine Doubek (left) and Rachel Leven

Veteran journalist Madeleine Doubek and policy devotee Rachel Leven are joining the Better Government Association next month to lead its Policy and Civic Engagement Teams, BGA President and CEO Andy Shaw announced Monday.

Doubek, former Reboot Illinois Publisher and Daily Herald Executive Editor, has been named Director of Policy & Civic Engagement at the BGA.

Leven, a key communications aide to Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson, will join the BGA as Policy Manager.

They’ll begin in June, the same month the Policy Team loses two long-time staff members. Policy Manager Judy Stevens is retiring, and Policy Analyst Alexandra Gilewicz is heading to law school.

“Judy and Alex did a great job, along with the rest of our policy team, advocating for more transparent and accountable government, and we’re grateful for their contributions,” Shaw said.

“The addition of respected local journalist and reform advocate Madeleine Doubek and City of Chicago watchdog Rachel Leven will enable us to keep elevating the scope, impact and voice of our policy, advocacy and civic engagement programs across the state of Illinois,” Shaw said. “Madeleine and Rachel will join the rest of the BGA team to shine a brighter light on government and hold more public officials accountable so that we’ll eventually have the good government we’re entitled to in exchange for our hard-earned tax dollars.”

Doubek, who has won several regional and national awards, brings her journalism skills and passion for good government to an expanded role overseeing both policy, with an emphasis on state government in Springfield, and civic engagement efforts.

“I’m thrilled to be able to join the BGA team to continue helping citizens focus on improving Illinois government and to expand our efforts with the taxpayers and elected officials who can make it happen,” Doubek said.

Leven, a former Fulbright Scholar, supported the IG during the expansion of the Office’s jurisdiction to the Chicago City Council and police accountability. She will help manage day-to-day policy work, with a focus on Chicago and Cook County government.

“The BGA has long and successful history of keeping government accountable to the people it serves. I am excited to work alongside great investigators and policy thinkers to continue this work and ensure that government is both answerable and accessible to all.”

Together with the rest of the policy team, Doubek and Leven plan to analyze government at all levels in Illinois and amplify our push for more transparency, accountability, honesty, fairness and efficiency through the BGA website, our advocacy and civic engagement efforts, and our multi-media and face-to-face audience engagement activities.

The BGA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, civic watchdog organization that promotes reform—transparency, accountability, honesty and efficiency—through investigative journalism, civic engagement, and public policy advocacy.