The importance of holding those in power accountable took center stage along with CBS News’ John Dickerson at BGA’s 2017 Annual Luncheon.

BGA President and CEO Andy Shaw welcomed a crowd of more than 700 to our Annual Luncheon on October 11th with a message that stressed the importance of holding those in power accountable for their words and actions. Shaw talked about BGA’s exclusive partnership with Politifact for Illinois fact-checks and offered an overview of the BGA’s watchdog work, including 3 major investigations. He also emphasized that there is still a lot more work to do be done, especially on government streamlining and consolidation.

Steve Miller accepts BGA Watchdog Award from Daniel L. Goodwin

Steve N. Miller, partner and co-founder of Origin Ventures, with the Daniel L. Goodwin Watchdog Award. Miller was recognized for his lifetime contributions to philanthropy and civic engagement.

Andy Shaw sits down with John Dickerson at BGA's 2017 Annual Luncheon

After lunch, Shaw interviewed CBS News political director and anchor of “Face the Nation” John Dickerson. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Dickerson moderated two presidential debates and interviewed each of the major candidates multiple times. Dickerson has been a reporter in Washington since 1995, covering the White House, Congress and economics.

Dickerson and Shaw discussed the shifting and unpredictable media landscape, the importance of keeping the public informed and engaged, and the challenges journalists in this country are currently facing.

BGA staff at the 2017 Annual Luncheon

The BGA’s 2017 Annual Luncheon was a huge success, raising more than $1.6 million for BGA’s watchdog work across the state. The team at BGA thanks everyone who was a part of this year’s luncheon. We can’t do this watchdog work without you!