After a week of news about Stormy Daniels, President Donald Trump headed to Dallas to speak to members of the National Rifle Association.

Trump repeated talking points against gun control, warned against illegal immigration, and complained about Democratic obstruction and the media.

Here is a sampling of Trump’s comments that we’ve fact-checked or for which we’ve provided additional context.

“Chicago has the toughest gun laws in our country. They are so tough.”

This is a familiar talking point for Trump, but it’s not accurate.

The statement is years out of date. After a Supreme Court ruling, Chicago residents can own handguns and carry them unseen on the streets. A national gun control group puts seven states above Illinois in regulating gun ownership, including New York and California.

Chicago also isn’t particularly tough when it comes to enforcement. A 2014 Chicago Sun Times analysis found that Chicago judges tended to hand down the minimum sentence of one year for illegal gun possession while the maximum is three years. Felons with a weapon got four-year sentences on average when they could have received 10.

Read more of Trump’s statements at PolitiFact National.

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