The Better Government Association and PolitiFact paired up to fact check a claim from Illinois Republicans regarding the state’s COVID-19 vaccine priorities.

BGA reporter Kiannah Sepeda-Miller joined ABC 7 Chicago Saturday morning to discuss the project.

A claim from the Illinois GOP’s Facebook and Twitter accounts said “Pritzker’s Hierarchy of Vaccine Priorities” puts prisoners, politicians and college students ahead of “individuals with high-risk health factors, and everyone else.”

Sepeda-Miller said they rated the GOP’s post “half-true.”

Inmates and state lawmakers are allowed to receive the vaccine in this phase, but those with comorbidities under 65 will be eligible Feb. 25.

College students are not eligible unless they fall under another category.

It can be easy to share images or graphics online, especially if they come from seemingly reputable sources, but some posts like this one can be half-true, Sepeda-Miller said. It’s best to pause and check what you see online before you share it.

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