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The Illinois Answers Project offers two easy-to-use databases of public information to bring greater clarity to how tax dollars are used.

Illinois Public Employee Salaries

Illinois Answers compiles the most comprehensive database to review, explore and compare compensation for public employees in Illinois.

Illinois Public Pensions

We collect data from the largest public pension systems in the state and centralize it into our Illinois Public Pensions Database.

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BGA Names Ruby L. Bailey Editor of Illinois Answers Project

Ruby L. Bailey, a seasoned newsroom leader with a deepappreciation of the power of journalism to prompt positive change, is joining the Better Government Association’s Illinois Answers Project as editor-in-chief. Bailey joins Illinois Answers from USA Today, where she served as consumer editor. Prior to that, she was opinion and…

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The Illinois Answers Project is an investigations and solutions-focused nonprofit and nonpartisan news organization published by the Better Government Association. Launched in November 2022, the Illinois Answers Project identifies problems and solutions to significant Chicago and Illinois problems. Learn more


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