At the BGA, we pride ourselves on being a full-service watchdog organization. This means we don’t just investigate wrongdoing, waste and fraud. We also promote reforms.

That’s why today we’re celebrating Impact Journalism Day: a chance to focus on journalism that is solutions-based.

Since 2009, our work has logged more than 114 concrete results. Most recently our story with WBEZ on inflated graduation rates at CPS led to a formal investigation by the inspector general. Plus CPS says it will institute reforms to better ensure the accuracy of its data.

We also want to highlight government actions that benefit the public and not the political insiders, so two years ago we launched our Good Government Spotlight. Check out our most recent story on the technology advances that are allowing taxpayers to connect with City Hall (think reporting potholes and tracking snow plows).

But there’s still more to do. And you can help us do it.

If you donate during June your gift will be tripled by one of our board members.

Go ahead — we triple dog dare you!

Make a pledge to help the BGA’s watchdog work. And we pledge to continue to demand the government we need and deserve. Now that’s impact!

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