The once-a-decade process of redistricting Illinois is taking place now, after the census.

In Illinois, politicians decide Congressional and state districts, and it’s typically extremely partisan.

The watchdog group “Better Government Association” has been campaigning for years for fair maps.

David Greising with the BGA joined ABC 7 Chicago Saturday to talk about the process.

Now that public hearings are underway statewide, there is a lot at stake besides the fact that state lawmakers have a June 30 deadline to finalize the remap or possibly face a bipartisan committee that would take over and make the decision, Greising said.

But there are other items on the line, including the possible impacts for Illinoisans and and how this remapping process could shape out.

Greising wrote a column for the Chicago Tribune on the topic this week, but the BGA has ongoing coverage of the remapping issue.

BGA and other good-government advocates have been campaigning for years on improving the way redistricting is determined — a process that puts voters’ needs first and not just relying on politicians to make the call, when they more likely make their decisions for partisan and advantageous reasons.

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